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A Christian School

At GSG we believe that humans are spiritual beings. While students arrive at GSG with a variety of backgrounds and understandings about what the spiritual aspect to our nature means, the approach of GSG staff is mediated through a Christian understanding that we are made in the image of God.

We seek to create an environment where each student appreciates their own value and grants value to others. We teach students to listen carefully to those who have different understandings and beliefs from them. This includes an appreciation for the different religions and also indicates the respect we owe to the traditional owners of the land in which we live.

We encourage students to serve others in the school environment, their families and our community. When we express such compassion, we fulfil Jesus’ commands to love God and our neighbour. Part of our nature is also expressed through thanking God for all we have, celebrating our relationship with God through Jesus, and sharing our burdens and needs with God. These aspects of our spiritual life find expression through Chapel services, Christian Studies classes, and whole school events.

Chapel Services

Fortnightly Chapel services are conducted for Pre Primary to Year Six classes and three or four times per term in Middle and Senior School. In Junior School, classes are rostered to lead Chapel services. Each chapel consists of songs, student-led prayers and a Bible reading, and a reflection from the Chaplain. The Christian festivals of Easter and Christmas are wonderful times of celebration in worship for the whole school community.

Middle School is a time of significant change in students’ lives, a time of fun and enjoyment, and a time of realisation of new responsibilities. Chapel services seek to provide an atmosphere where students can creatively reflect on their lives and make decisions about the person they wish to be. Often guest speakers from various churches will lead the students in a time of reflection.

Senior School students have entered a stage in their schooling where they are placed under pressure from study or exams. Chapel services give students time for silence, prayer and reflection, as a time of re-creation, so that their lives reflect both their own and God’s purposes.

Christian Studies

Weekly Christian Studies classes are conducted for Years One to Twelve. The curriculum for Junior School classes seeks to give students a broad knowledge of the Bible’s content and, in particular, the stories of the Bible.

Middle School classes cover a wide variety of topics of interest to adolescents and include ethics and values education, information on world religions, important social justice issues, and how to face such issues as conflict and greed. The Year Seven curriculum familiarises students with the whole of the Bible story, including Jesus' life and ministry.

Senior School students examine historical, ethical, biblical, social, scientific, moral and religious issues and discuss them through the use of media and texts.

Great Southern Grammar recognises that significant events in the school life are also spiritual events, hence, prayer and worship forms part of the celebration of the beginning of the school year, graduation ceremonies, the Valedictory Assembly, Foundation Day, Speech Night, and Remembrance Day.

Great Southern Grammar recognises and celebrates the foundation of all our lives in God’s love. We seek to ensure that the wisdom and knowledge of God forms a fundamental and enjoyable part of each student’s experience of school life at GSG and that each student learns the importance of expressing God's love in service of others.