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The school's Bursary Assistance Programme is designed to provide financial assistance to parents of current students. Concessions are varied according to the circumstances of the family. These arrangements require detailed but confidential disclosure of family means and assets to ensure equity.

Bursary Discount

Bursary benefits are offered as a percentage discount of tuition fees, calculated on the residual tuition fees after deducting any scholarship. Other fees and charges such as uniform purchases or private music lessons are not affected by bursary arrangement.

Bursary Review

A review of bursary arrangements is usually conducted after two years. It is the responsibility of parents to advise the school of any change of circumstances which may affect their eligibility for bursary assistance.

No special demands are placed on students whose parents are receiving bursary assistance. However, students are expected to maintain satisfactory general performance in all aspects of school life and participate fully according to their abilities and interests.

Applying for Bursary Assistance

Parents of new students wishing to apply for the Bursary Assistance Programme must:

  • Complete the Bursary Application Form
  • Provide current school reports as an indicator of academic standard and potential.
  • Be willing to provide detailed financial information to the Finance Committee and be available for an interview.
  • Arrange for the student to be available for interview by the Principal or his nominee at the time of parent interview.

Bursaries for Indigenous Students

The school offers a small number of bursaries to provide exceptional educational opportunities for young Indigenous people who have the potential to lead within the community. The bursary provides a discount on tuition and endowment fees. Boarding fees, stationery, school uniform and optional camps are not covered by the bursary.