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Middle School

Middle School at GSG offers a unique transition programme with many of the best features of primary schooling combined with secondary elements.

Middle School caters for adolescent children by:

  • Acknowledging that each student is growing and developing at a different rate and should be encouraged to progress in academic work at their own rate;
  • Recognising emotional and social changes by providing specialised pastoral care to support individuals as they grow into young adults;
  • Accepting the importance of emerging individuality by offering programmes to develop self-esteem and leadership;
  • Catering for the particular learning needs of boys and girls;
  • Recognising the importance of social groups by providing programmes that assist students to develop social skills and confidence; and
  • Acknowledging that adolescent students learn more effectively when they are having fun.

Middle School students enjoy a programme specifically designed for the developmental and educational needs of adolescents.

Features of Middle School teaching and learning include:

  • The different social and learning needs of boys and girls;
  • Student-centred learning, allowing each child to achieve their highest potential by focusing on individual strengths and areas of need;
  • Encouragement for each student to learn at their own pace;
  • High-level, hands-on learning; and
  • Consideration of student interests in the design of learning programmes.

At GSG we navigate students through their early adolescent years, providing a range of learning experiences.

Year Seven teaching programmes are developed thematically, with each homeroom teacher ensuring integration of content knowledge and skills in Science, Society and Environment, and Technology and Enterprise. The Outdoor Expedition programme extends this learning into the natural environment.

Year Eight and Nine staff ensure quality teaching across Learning Areas. Content knowledge becomes more specialised, while there is a continued focus on integration of the skills required for ongoing learning. We present enriching elective programmes enabling students to enjoy a wide range of learning opportunities, including Woodwork, Marine Science, Outdoor Education, Hospitality and Media Studies. Environmental Studies programmes take advantage of our oceanfront position.

Approachable, friendly teachers build solid partnerships with parents to encourage students’ educational and social development. In addition to the school-wide House system, each student has a Homeroom teacher who takes responsibility for their pastoral care, overseen by a Head of Year.

Comprehensive reports are issued to parents each semester, and parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s progress with staff at any time.


At GSG, we are acutely conscious of the opportunities and challenges presented during this exciting stage of adolescence and of a child’s schooling. It’s a combination of the caring processes, the integration of technology, the investigation of new subjects, and challenging camps and experiences in the natural environment.

Middle School students are presented with opportunities to make connections with the real world. They experience a rich, relevant and rigorous programme, driven by the Australian Curriculum. They engage in hands-on, outdoor experiences examining aspects of Indigenous culture, sustainability and the richness of the region, in programmes delivered by a supportive, cohesive and collaborative teaching team. Cross-curricular connections are pursued, reinforcing the significance of the subject matter. 

Opportunities are offered to study Japanese language and culture, and to travel to Japan on our biennial exchange programme.

An innovative Information Technology programme develops skills in a range of computer applications, including Robotics, CAD and Engineering. Student learning is facilitated and supported by 1:1 devices in the classroom.

A sequential outdoor expedition programme enables students to build independence and interpersonal skills in an outdoor environment.