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To provide a child centred, nurturing environment for toddlers and their parents, that supports the development of the young child and encourages social contact with other children. In developing the GSG playgroup we endeavour to provide a smooth transition from home life to the Great Southern Grammar Kindergarten.

Playgroup places are currently available to all members of the local community.


The playgroup programme is based upon the work of Malaguzzi, Montessori, Froebel and Vygotsky. Recognising each child as unique, infinitely capable, creative and intelligent. We encourage the child to explore, discover, wonder and learn through play.

In reflecting this approach to learning, playgroup morning consists of indoor and outdoor play opportunities, shared snack time, stories and songs. Activities will vary weekly and will reflect the interest of the children in the group and will include visits to the GSG Wild Space. Through participation in playgroup sessions, your child will have the opportunity to develop their cognitive, social, emotional, physical and creative selves.


Literacy: Literacy learning begins long before formal schooling. Singing, talking and reading are the first steps and these are integral parts of the playgroup programme. Along with opportunities for experimental writing, drawing and painting.

Motor Skills: For our children to become adept at future schooling we need to nurture and promote the development of muscle groups through gross and fine motor skills. During playgroup sessions, there will be practical and realistic opportunities for your child to practise these skills. Activities such as using tongs, spooning mixtures, threading, climbing and swinging will be encouraged.

Creativity: Creativity is to be encouraged and celebrated! During playgroup sessions, tthere will be opportunities for your child to engage in art, craft and constructive activities as well as make-believe play.

Numeracy: Opportunity to engage with and practice foundational mathematical skills will be provided through games, sorting, song and rhyme.

Wonder: The ability to pose questions and wonder about the world are vital for critical thinking and inquiring minds. During our playgroup sessions, we engage the child with the natural world. We utilise natural materials, the natural environment and encourage the use of the child’s senses in exploring the environment.

Snack Time: Parents are requested to provide a piece of fruit for a shared platter. Snack time allows children to learn skills associated with socialising in groups. The snack time routine involves hand washing and taking turns. Tea and coffee will be provided for adults.

Pack Away Time: We believe children are capable and autonomous. This means we believe children can pack away with our guidance. We do not pack away for them! Please assist with clean up and encourage your child to help.


Playgroup sessions will run on Monday mornings from 9.00am – 11.00am in the Kindergarten room. Families interested in joining our playgroup are invited to attend a session without obligation. Families who wish to attend playgroup on an ongoing basis are requested to complete an enrolment form.

Session timetable (indicative only):

9.00am – 9.15am: Welcome
9.25am – 10.15am: Indoor/Outdoor activities
10.15am – 10.45am: Snack time
10.45am – 11.00am: Story/rhyme/song time and farewells


There is no charge for the GSG Playgroup programme. However, families are required to subscribe to PlaygroupWA. 

PlaygroupWA membership is $35.00 for 12 months. Membership provides playgroup families with comprehensive insurance. Additional membership benefits include discounts and special offers. Further information can be found here:


Great Southern Grammar Playgroup is a community run programme. It is facilitated by GSG families and supported by a qualified Early Childhood Educator.

For information or to book, contact Mrs Jackie Boyce on 9844 0314 or