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Great Southern Grammar's Pre-Kindergarten, named Djinda, is for children who have turned three prior to 30 June in the year of their enrolment.

Why Pre-Kindergarten? In response to local community requests, GSG introduced pre-kindergarten in 2020. Offering a one-day-per-week programme, GSG is meeting community expectations as well as supporting the transition to school-based education programmes.

What is Djinda? Djinda Pre-Kindergarten is a pre-compulsory programme offered by Great Southern Grammar who turn three prior to 30 June. Children can commence once they have turned three years of age. Djinda provides a play-based early learning environment that centres on the rights of the child and provides extensive access to the natural environment, while honouring our links to the Minang people/traditional custodians of the land.

Djinda Curriculum: The Djinda pre-kindergarten programme follows the Early Years Learning Framework in line with National Quality Framework legislation. Play is explicitly included in the curriculum and focus given to the purpose and opportunities for planned and spontaneous play. The curriculum addresses the intrinsically inquisitive nature of the child, allowing for their interests to be followed, while providing solid foundations in oral literacy and numeracy. Through a play-based and age-appropriate pedagogical approach, the Djinda Pre-Kindergarten programme provides high level education and care in the most important years of a child’s education.

Who Teaches Djinda?  GSG offers a fully-qualified Early Childhood Educator to deliver the early years curriculum framework in the Djinda classroom, providing a seamless transition to higher levels of education within the school and access to quality educational resources.

Where is Djinda Held? Djinda Pre-Kindergarten is based in Great Southern Grammar’s Early Childhood Centre, with regular use of the school’s 144-acre campus, including the school farm and wild spaces, incorporating guided exploration of bushland, foreshore and wetlands.

What are the Benefits? Djinda Pre-Kindergarten offers an enhanced transition to school for students. It enables them to become familiar with the school environment and classrooms, and is staffed by an educator in receipt of qualifications additional to those required of daycare staff. The focus of Djinda staff is on student care and development in an educational facility, which includes the facilitation of access to intervention services, where required.

When is Djinda Held? The Djinda Pre-Kindergarten schedule is one full day per week, 8.45am to 3.00pm held on Friday, in term-time. 



GSG'S Early Childhood Centre (ECC) is committed to providing students with an holistic education that prepares children to participate and achieve in the community and society.

The ECC provides children with their first experiences of Great Southern Grammar. We build upon children's existing knowledge and understanding of the world around them, creating a safe and secure environment to begin their learning journey at school. 

The ECC creates a warm, caring and nurturing environment that exhibits creativity, learning through play, intentional teaching, strong relationships and opportunities for each child to strive for personal excellence.

To arrange a tour of Early Childhood Centre facilities, visit thislink 

About the Early Childhood Programme

Early childhood is a time of significant development for the child physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally. At Great Southern Grammar, we recognise the importance of this phase of schooling.

We provide a child-centred, educationally rich programme that provides a sound transition from home to school, based on the importance of creative and social play.

The ECC places emphasis on knowledge and skill acquisition within a stimulating learning environment based on the principle that children learn from playing and doing, while having fun. Language-rich learning experiences provide them with many opportunities to develop essential pre-literacy and numeracy skills.

At GSG, children are encouraged to become thinkers through exploring interesting, real-world questions and problem-solving.

Foundation numeracy and literacy skills are the key focus from Kindergarten through to Year Two. Considerable teaching emphasis is given to ensure that each child receives the best start for further learning.

Theorists that influence ECC teaching practice include:

  • Piaget
  • Vygotsky
  • Montessori
  • Malaguzzi
  • Steiner
  • Froebel

We Believe:

  • Each child is unique and capable
  • Each child has the right to be an individual
  • All families are a respected and integral part of our school community
  • Relationships between home and school as essential

ECC students learn best through:

  • Social experiences
  • Interactions with others
  • Real-life experiences
  • Social and emotional competencies
  • Adequate scaffolding
  • Multi-sensory modes
  • Curiosity
  • Discovery learning and immersion
  • Engaging play and nature-based experiences
  • Child-centred learning
  • Whole child development (academic, social, emotional, physical, cognitive)

Early Childhood Centre principles: 

       1. Secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships
       2. Partnerships
       3. Inclusion and participation
       4. Respect for diversity
       5. Ongoing learning and reflective practice
       6. Sense of belonging 

Early Childhood Centre practices:

The principles outlined above underpin the practices that teaching staff adopt to provide an enriching early childhood programme. 

      1. An integrated and holistic approach
      2. Responsiveness to children
      3. Learning through play
      4. Intentional teaching
      5. Learning environments
      6. Cultural competence
      7. Continuity of learning and transitions
      8. Assessment for learning

ECC Parents Can Expect:

  • To develop strong relationships within the whole school community
  • Strong communication between home and school
  • Great Southern Grammar to embrace the diversity that families contribute to the school
  • Strong Christian values
  • To create a partnership between staff and families to ensure we achieve the best results for your children

Nature-based Learning

GSG is situated on 144 acres (58ha) of picturesque waterfront land. Our campus enables students to have unique onsite access to both bushland and foreshore environments.

Great Southern Grammar is part of what has become an international movement to reconnect children with nature. Children learn a great deal from interacting with the natural environment. The deep learning that happens through engagement in the outdoors includes the development of language concepts and relationship development. Such engagement also teaches children how to assess and take risks.

The benefits of outside play are countless. Aside from the emotional benefits of fun, enjoyment and self-expression, there are endless developmental benefits in cognitive, affective, social, physical, attentional and language development. Importantly, play encourages risk-taking and gives children opportunities to be involved in real-life, meaningful experiences. Outside play allows children to problem-solve situations and develop their sense of creativity. 


Learning music is a challenging and rewarding experience that all Junior School students are encouraged to pursue. Students have fun while learning the skills of persistence, concentration and coordination. All students participate in weekly music lessons and instrumental tuition is available for most instruments.

All Year Two students have the opportunity to try the violin or cello and many elect to continue this beyond the ECC. A variety of choirs, bands and ensembles provide students with a wonderful opportunity to shine in this important area. 


Hosted each Monday during Term

The purpose of hosting playgroup at GSG is to provide a child-centred, nurturing environment for toddlers and their parents.

The free sessions are held on Monday mornings from 9.00am – 11.00am in the Kindergarten room.

Please visit thislinkfor full details of Kalgan Playgroup activities.

For information or to book, contact Mrs Christina Hitchcock on 9844 0314 or email[email protected]