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Studying, Tutoring and Academic Support

Within GSG boarding, study time (prep) is well structured across all houses. Structured prep periods make study and homework a daily routine for every boarder.

All boarding houses have set, managed prep times. Specialised teaching staff who supervise within boarding houses are available for additional support and encouragement. There are many opportunities for boarders to seek assistance with their academic work, either through in-house tutoring or academic support programmes.

Tutors attend each House weekly to assist boarders with their homework/assignment tasks, preparing them for the lead up to exams/tests.

For younger boarders, the emphasis is on getting started, developing a sound study skills programme and focussing on the core subjects.

Senior boarders have a greater need for assistance in more specialist subjects and Tutors are selected to cover these on demand. Additional subject-specific staff are called in to assist boarders in the lead up to formal exams.

GSG also offers after-school academic support available to 4.30pm. Boarders who require additional assistance with their academic progress can attend academic support after school with specialist subject teachers.