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Assessment Policy

Great Southern Grammar's Assessment Policies are guided by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA)  principles and guidelines. Assessment is used to:

  • Measure the learning outcomes of students studying a course;
  • Monitor and report on student progress;
  • Diagnose learning difficulties; and
  • Guide course/subject selection.

Quality school assessments ensure that assessments tasks:

  • Are consistent and accurate and can be used with different groups of students to produce meaningful data;
  • Have the capacity to differentiate performance;
  • Are consistent with the teaching and learning programme and assist students in meeting the outcomes or requirements of the course or subject.

Assessment Principles

The following Assessment Principles underpin student assessment at GSG to ensure that we deliver an assessment program that is:

  • Valid - Assessment tasks provide accurate and valid information on the knowledge, skills and understandings expected of students;
  • Educative - Assessment makes a positive contribution to student learning;
  • Explicit - Assessment criteria and marking keys are explicit and provide a clear basis for judgement;
  • Fair - Assessment is demonstrably fair to all students and does not discriminate on grounds that are irrelevant to student achievement such as gender, disability or ethnicity;
  • Comprehensive - Judgements on student progress and achievement are based on multiple assessment tasks of various types.