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GSG Mission

The mission of GSG is to provide the young people of the Great Southern region and beyond with a world class school, incorporating a liberal education, the Christian faith and a maritime heritage.

Great Southern Grammar is committed to providing students with a well-rounded education that imparts valuable life skills and prepares young people to participate and achieve in community and society. We are committed to:

  • Providing students with a broad and balanced education by encouraging participation in as many learning areas as possible;
  • Assisting students to recognise and value their gifts and talents and developing these in appropriate ways;
  • Encouraging students, through their exposure to Christian teachings, to explore issues of faith, spirituality and values;
  • Enabling students to develop and appreciate the important place that integrity, respect, tolerance and compassion have within the context of a modern society.

GSG Objectives

  • To be an effective educational community that actively involves students, staff, parents and friends and develops active links with the wider community within which the school operates.
  • To provide a diversity of learning programmes suited to the developmental stages and learning needs of students.
  • To acknowledge in all educational programmes the central role of Christian faith as the fundamental human commitment that gives shape to all life.
  • To facilitate the highest levels of educational achievement for each student, according to individual ability.
  • To develop an educational environment that in organisational structure, pastoral care and teaching programmes is authentically Christian.
  • To equip students with an appreciation of their own worth and the values of others. 
  • To instil in students the capacity and confidence to make decisions concerning all aspects of life, including their chosen vocation, and to help students to deal creatively with economic and social matters.
  • To provide all employees of the school with a satisfying and rewarding working environment.

GSG Values

The core values of GSG are integrity, respect, tolerance and compassion.

GSG values include: 

  • Pastoral Care which is abundant and which teaches compassion, care and concern for the individual.
  • Learning which is joyful and lifelong by nature and stems from openness to change.
  • Participation which is active learning and not passive reception.
  • Self-acceptance which stems from a realistic knowledge and love of one’s self.
  • Faith which is inwardly reflective and demonstrated in service for others.
  • Standards which apply in every field of endeavour and are set high to encourage pursuit of excellence.
  • Partnerships which involve the family and the community as the contexts in which children grow.
  • Self-discipline which is learnt from experience and cultivated through hard work.
  • Responsibility which is both individual and joint in scope and nature.
  • Relationships which give purpose and meaning to life and which are based on integrity and mutual respect.
  • Citizenship which promotes commitment and understanding at a local, national and International level.
  • Resilience which is built through purposeful effort, participation and persistence.